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Bonnie Li

Bonnie Li is the main artist I work with.
I started the collaboration as studio sound engineer for the Album ‘Wo Men’ and I got the
credits as producer after I proposed a new soundscape direction for the album. The song 
"I want you to die “ reached the attention of a larger public and was synced on the Arte TV
series “Moloch” by Arnaud Malherbe,
The album was praised in the media for its cinematic and bewitching atmosphere,
supported by the likes of Rolling Stone (It), The Line of Best Fits (Uk), Earmilk (Uk),
Roughtrade (Uk), 20Minuten (Ger)..
In 2019 I started touring as PA sound engineer with Bonnie but the pandemic hit. During
these 2 years period we worked on the second Album , “ Le Bleu du Rouge” released
again with ICEA label in April 2022. The work in studio with Bonnie was really fantastic,
and together we created a new sound for the project, more delicate and mature, a kind of
natural evolution where the value and class of her voice was finally rewarded.
For the lead voice I decided to use a AA CM47VE valve mic in a preamp BAE 1073MP,  a combination that matched very well her timber and allowed us to have her voice delicately always in the foreground, even during whispering passages or over intense synths lines. For this album a rare Dangerous 2Bus, personally assembled by Chris Muth, was the core of the mix flow.
I signed the production, recording and mixing of the album.
« Le Bleu du Rouge » has so far received an excellent welcome in the media, broadcasted
on France Inter, FIP, reviewed by Rolling Stone (Fr), Les Oreilles Curieuses and other well
known medias.

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